Sunday, July 12, 2009

Now we're talkin JEANS

About a month ago, Diva 911 took a huge step forward after much consulting with you gals, our diva fans. We asked many of you what you thought about a "used denim section" within our boutique along with our other popular new jeans and our much raved about T-shirt lines including Katy Did, Vocal and our signature wing back and logo shirts! We received ooodles of positive feedback and lots of "2cents". Rushing the progress along, we received over 100 pairs of jeans from all of you diva girls. Thank you all who rummaged through your closests, asked your friends and even purged your already current jeans at home, to get our gently used jeans selection underway. We filled our floor with several designer jeans in all different sizes and brands. We hope you get the opportunity to shimmy over to the shop soon to get your hands on these awesome priced digs. Styles and Sizes change daily, so you will always see something different!

Jean Junkies for life,