Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diva 911 Signature T's and Tanks!

Signature T's and Tanks just came in today by the boxes! When we opened the boutique back in October, we knew instantly that the signature Long Sleeve Tee's would sell like hot cakes, which they did! For the Spring and Summer months we brought in a variety of styles and colors! From V-necks, to Tank Tops (longer length style) to crew neck and the "hot" new burnout look T's! Come get them while they are hot! The logo is gray on every shirt with the distressed flying heart with wings.

A little Goodluck!

Babylegs have become the new fad for babies,infants, toddlers, your sport players and even you if your bold enough to make the fashion statement! At the Diva-911 we have babylegs for boys and girls and even your little soccer players(Lake Stevens colors only). This week we received a shipment of green babylegs for that extra special touch of green for this St. Patty's Day. Let your child have a little bit of good luck this year and dress him/her in these cozy, fancy, warm and very trendy babylegs!