Monday, January 12, 2009

Photos to remember!

On January 8th we had our first event with our new Photographer, Kaylee Eylander. It was truely a night of fun, friendship, laughter, and beautiful HOTTIES! After each session every lady came out ecstatic and overjoyed on how well the photoshoot went! Friends that came for support were even asking to do it after they saw how fun it was! We then opened up two more dates for the same type of event and they are already booked! YAY Kaylee! Since we have found this is what women are wanting we now have a 4th date to open for all you ladies that would like to get in before Valentines Day! Please contact Kaylee at her new studio located inside Sweet Peas, or you can contact us! Give a gift that will last a lifetime..... an album of you!