Monday, January 5, 2009

One of our Sweet Peas

My little man Javin turned 2 years old today... It's bitter sweet, but I love to watch him grow each day into a sweet young boy. The birth of my son Javin enabled me to be a stay at home with all 3 of my children. Shortly after Javin was born I was able to start my own stay home business and created Pursecisely Yours. Soon after Pursecisely Yours grew, I was offered the dream of a lifetime, and to follow in my family's food steps, owning and operating my own business's. Jessica (my dearest Sweet Pea) also saw the same vision and together we created Sweet Peas Boutique. So having and giving birth to my youngest, and one of my Sweetest Peas, it was because of him I was able to create Pursecisely Yours and Sweet Peas Boutique! Happy Birthday little dude!