Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh the fun of Potty Training BOYS!

Well first off, I'm just about to enter the fun stage of my childs life, "potty training"...If you have a child you know how difficult and hard this period is. Already having a boy and a girl, I say that girls are 10 times easier to potty train, and well, my third and final child is a boy so this is going to be F.U.N! To make it easier on us parents, this cool dad invented the "Tinkle Tube" for boys! Just saying that word makes me feel like potty training will be a total success! The Tinkle Tube is simple tool that allows you to assist your little dude to go potty while out on the go during the oh so fun potty training period. You can even use it as an emergency toilet while on the go. If you're a busy parent and on the go such as I, or even taking a road trip this summer, I hope you will try the Tinkle Tube to make your driving experience with your potty trainer a breeze! I look forward to testing this product out on my little dude! Pick up your Tinkle Tube at Diva 911 in Lake Stevens!


The D9 girls

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Heather said...

Well, all I gotta say is, do they make them in adult size? lol Let's just say I don't do portas, and I could have used a tinkle tube on my road trip! lol Should have picked one up last week when I was there! Next time! hehe